The Love and Respect Experience

About a year ago I went through a series in a Sunday School class at church called Love and Respect.  Wow, it is a great curriculum that I think every couple should go through.  Then when I was searching for a new book to review on BookSneeze, I came across the book The Love and Respect Experience.  Basically it is a devotional book for couples based on the curriculum.  You do not have to have had gone through the study to understand this book, but it does help a little bit to understand.  The book itself is really nice.  Kinda like a journal type material.  It is very appealing to the eye.  The devotions are short and they have discussion questions and the end of the devotion to get you and your spouse talking more about the devotion topic.  It is broken down into 52 different devotions and is made to go through in a year doing one devotion a week.  It is not in any kind of order so you can skip around and do whichever topic you feel lead to do each week, which I liked.  This devotional I would say is a must read for couples. 

The Love and Respect Experience: A Husband-Friendly Devotional That Wives Truly Love

(Disclaimer:  I received this book in exchange for my review thanks to the BookSneeze Program.  All opinions are that of my own.)