Sleep Number bed

Being a part of Smiley 360 I am on the Sleep Number bed mission.  Basically I get to go into the Sleep Number store and check out the different beds and go get my personal sleep number.  My number ended up being 55.  The store I went to was in the mall, and it was kinda small but thats alright.  The employee was Darlene and she was nice.  She said she hadn't seen or heard of Smiley before and thought it was pretty cool.  She said she was going to tell her daughter to sign up at the site.  Then I tried out the bed, she went through all the different numbers that it can go.  The 3d imaging on the computer was pretty cool to see how I lay and where all the pressure points were.  I think this would be a great bed to have in our home but it is a little pricey for us right now.  I cannot wait to try out their travel pillow that I will be getting after I finish this mission.  I am excited.  If you have not signed up for Smiley 360 you definately should.

(Disclaimer, I will recieve a travel pillow at the end of the mission for complete.  No other compensation has been recieved.  The opinion expressed is my own.)