Swiffer Duster

The makers of Swiffer are improving there products. And to get word out they are giving members of VocalPoint a free classic Swiffer Duster.  And even better they are letting bloggers let there readers in on it too.  So as my lucky readers you can go to HERE to try to sign up for it.  But, you better be quick because they will run out very quickly.  If you are not already a member of VocalPoint I would go ahead and sign up so that you can also get a chance to get free full sized products.  Here is what is coming to Swiffer:

The new and improved line of Swiffer® products is designed to provide
a high quality, HD clean. Look for it in stores!
  • New Swiffer Dusters® with Dust Lock technology clean better than
    a regular dry cloth, even in tight spaces.
  • New Swiffer Sweeper® Dry Cloths clean better than a broom on
    multiple floor types, even on textured surfaces.
  • New Swiffer WetJet® solution cleans better to reveal more shine
    than a mop on glossy ceramic tile, hardwood and laminate floors.