Old Navy Jeans Sample Share

Thanks to CrowdTap I was able to go pick out any pair of jeans from Old Navy that I wanted for Free.  Since I am a part of the Old Navy Style Counsil, I get to try there some of their clothes free of charge.  I was able to take on lucky person with me so they could get a free pair of jeans as well.  So since she missed out on the tank top share I was part of, I chose one of my sisters, Erica to come with me.  It was fun trying on jeans and all the different styles that they had.  I ended up choosing the dreamer boot cut jeans and so did my sister.  We had fun hanging out together and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to do so.  When I went to check out the cashier was like "wow thats an awesome coupon"  It was pretty funny.  So here are some pictures of us having fun going through all the different styles of jeans making the tough decision as to which pair we get.

Digging for our sizes

Having a little bit of luck

wall of desicions

I think I'll try this pair on
Modeling her pants

I think I like these the best.

Disclaimer:  I recieved a coupon for me and a friend to get a pair of jeans for free, in return for a review on crowdtap.  I will be compensated with points and a very small monetary reward.