Purex Crystals Finders

Not too long ago Purex put out a new wonderful product called Purex Crystals Softener.  I have had the opportunity to try this product, by getting a sample being a Purex Insider, and by purchasing it myself.  I for one, love this product.  I think that it works better than the liquid fabric softner.  The thing is, is that this is a fairly new product and it is already pretty popular stuff that it is hardly on the shelf and is hard to find.  So Purex came out with something called Purex Crystals Finders and it is pretty cool.  Here is how it works:

Announcing Crystals Finder!

Find Purex Crystals Softener and earn a chance to win prizes!
A Good Product Shouldn’t be Hard to Find. Enter the all-new Crystals Finder, a cool new tool we’ve developed to help you find the nearest store with Purex Crystals Softener (http://www.purex.com/products/softeners/purex-complete-crystals) on the shelf, or alert others if it is IN or OUT of stock.

Crystals Finder has 3 ways to help:

Help finding Purex Crystals Softener
Visit CrystalsFinder.com (http://crystalsfinder.com)from your computer or mobile phone. Enter your zip code and we’ll show you the closest store and the most recent inventory levels for each fragrance. If you try it from a newer smartphone, the phone will ask permission to use your location and automatically find the closest store to where you are standing. You’ll be able to see how much was on the shelf the last time someone updated Crystals Finder. The exact inventory levels are provided by shoppers just like you, so if you see more or fewer bottles on the shelf – follow the steps below for a chance to win!

Tell others and receive get a chance to win
When you are in any store that sells Purex Crystals Softener, visit CrystalsFinder ((http://crystalsfinder.com)on your smartphone. The phone will ask permission to use your location and try to determine which store you are in. Select the store from the list and enter what you see on the shelf. Whether the store is sold out or stocked full, let everyone know!
Every time you update the inventory at a store, regardless if you buy Purex Crystals Softener or not, we’ll enter you for a chance to win.
Each day we’ll give away a $50 gift card. Winners will receive their reward the next day via FedEx! In addition, every update qualifies you for a chance to win the Grand Prize: $1,000 and a year supply of Purex Crystals Softener! This is our way of saying THANK YOU for helping out your fellow Purex Crystals Softener enthusiasts!

There is no purchase necessary to win, for more information view the complete Terms and Conditions.

Alert Me
If you are in a store which is currently out of stock of the fragrance you are looking for, you can sign up to receive emails or text messages that will notify you when someone else spots your favorite Purex Crystals Softener in that specific store.
Just Visit CrystalsFinder on your smartphone. The phone will ask permission to use your location and try to determine which store you are in. Select the store from the list and enter which fragrance you want to be alerted about. Don’t worry you’ll only receive ONE alert when it comes back in stock at that store. 

Now, I can tell you that this is legit.  Once I found out about the Crystals Finder I have made it a point that whenever I go to the store the first thing that I do is go to the laundry aisle and enter in the amount that I find on the shelves, which usually is not much because I am guessing everyone loves this stuff.  Well last week I got an email from them saying that I had won the $50 gift card and I am expecting it anyday now.  I am excited and will continue to use this website.