CrowdTap Fun

I just thought that I would share how great I think CrowdTap is.  There is one specific time I can think of that sticks out.  I was invited to be a part of an Old Navy Shorts sample and share program. I was able to get to hang out with all my sisters and my sister in law for a whole day.  That meant a lot to me, I would normally not just go to the mall with them because of lack of extra money, and I do not like going window shopping without any money,  but being a part of this share program allowed me to be able to get an outfit for free and hang out with my sisters.  Even though everyone was not able to go all at once, I was able to go with them one at a time, and that made it more memberable to me to be able to bond while shopping.  Yeah I get some points to turn into a gift card but the experiences that I get to have with my sisters is worth far much more.  We had a blast going into Old Navy and trying on clothes and going out to eat afterwards just so that we could hang out even more.  CrowdTap has made it possible for me to get that time that I normally would not have.  I know that some people are into it just to get the free stuff and while Iabsolutely love getting free stuff,  I am more into it for the experience that I get to get with my family and friends through the sample shares.  I have also been accepted into the Old Navy tank top sample and share from CrowdTap and I am looking forward to being able to spend more time with my sisters and sister in law.  I think that CrowdTap is an amazing site and I am glad that I found it and am able to share it with anyone and everyone I know.