Old Navy Shopping Trip

The website Crowd Tap is an amazing site!  I was invited to be a part of their sample and share program for on Old Navy Shopping Trip to get a pair of shorts, a shirt and an accessory.  All for FREE!!  So I invited my two sisters and one of my sister in laws.  Unfortunately my sister in law and one of my sisters were unable to come with us, so me and one of my sisters went.  The other 2 will go on there own and take pictures for me as they go.  So back to the trip, it was hard to shop with 4 kids under the age of 6 but we made the best of it.  We had fun trying on clothes and sunglasses and everything.  Even the kids got into trying on stuff.  I was a little disappointed with Old Navy not having any plus sized clothes in there store, and there was only one pair of shorts that fit me so even though it wasnt what I originally wanted they were still kind of cute.  After trying on clothes for two hours we finally decided on our free outfits and went to the cashier, who was amazed at the coupon and she wanted to know where I had gotten them from so of course I emailed her my referal link to CrowdTap.  Below are our pictures from our fun trip.

The Kids trying on stuff

Me trying on shirts.

My sister trying on clothes


hanging out with the old navy manicans

Hanging with the manican =)

Disclaimer: I received these coupons for the free clothes in return for my review and depending on the quality of my review I will get a small amount of money and points into my account at CrowdTap.