Money Making sites

I have posted in the past about sites that I use to get free stuff and money.  I have since found a few more that I thought I would put it all in one spot again with the new sites so that everyone else can do the same thing.  So far in 2 months I have redeemed $20 in paypal money just from doing these for a few minutes each day.  While it isnt as good as a full time job, it does help out a little with birthdays and christmas coming.

The first is ICS.  This is a fun survey site.  You answer 3 little questions per survey and you earn tickets and cash and the more tickets you have the more likely youll be to win $50.  They have a nightly drawing of $50.  They also have a $2 drawing every 4 hours that you use coins to enter.  Sounds complicated but it is super easy.  So go here to sign up for it.

The next is BeeZag.  This is a site that you can watch ads and watch for 2 scrolling numbers.  At the end of the ad you can enter the 2 numbers and get points.  I have already recieved $8 from them and I am almost at another $8.  So go here to sign up for that.

The next one is CrowdTap.  You get to do discussions and sample shares.  You turn your points into amazon gift cards.  And the thing that I like from this site is that you actually get to use your points and 5% goes to a charity of your choice.  I personally chose Autism Speaks but there are plenty to choose from.  Go here to sign up for it. 

This one is Dollar Surveys.  You answer questions and if you qualify for a survey and you complete the survey you get a $1 in your paypal account.  I have been with this site for just a week and have gotten $6. They pay out every monday.  Go here to sign up.

Those are the ones that I use right now to get a few extra bucks.  Every penny helps =)