How I made my son's lightning mcqueen cake

My son turned 6 today.  We had his party on saturday and he asked for a "Cars" cake.  We didn't really have the money to get a cake already made so I decided I would attempt to make his cake for him.  First I just used the Betty Crocker cake mix. I used one chocolate and one vanilla, and I added a package of vanilla and chocolate pudding mix into the corresponding cake mix just to make it a little more moist.  As it was baking in the oven, I had printed out the design that I wanted on the cake.  Then I took a piece of wax paper and layed it on top of the design and used black icing and traced the pictures.

The picture with wax paper on top

The traced image on the wax paper with icing

Then I placed the wax paper on a cookie sheet and stuck it in the freezer so that the icing would get hard.  After the cakes were finished cooking and after it cooled, I iced it with white icing.  I left the cake out for about an our so that the icing on the cake would get a little bit hard.  After it was a little hard, I took the designs out of the freezer and transfered it to the cake.

The design coming off of the wax paper onto the cake.
And after I got the icing design onto the cake then I took red icing and used a wilton tip to add the icing to the car and used a little yellow for the lightning bolts on it.  And while it isnt professional looking, it looks pretty good to me and my son.
just add colored icing and your done