John Frieda Precision Foam

I was recently sent a coupon for a free box of the new John Frieda Precision Foam hair dye.  So I went to publix to pick up a box and I chose 4N Brilliant Brunette Dark Natural Brown.  My hair was a light to medium brown to start with and I wanted to go darker so that is why I chose that one.  I opened the box and in it was the color developer, colorant, pump, conditioner which is bigger than other brands and gloves.  These gloves were black, pretty cool.
My hair is really long and I normally have to buy 2 boxes of dye to get it all colored but I thought I would try just the one box that I got.  It covered it pretty well, I was getting a little nervous towards the end of the bottle and was worried it might not cover it all but it did.
It was pretty simple to apply this by myself, the foam was a pretty cool part.  I was not able to get the dye to be frothy (thats the word the instructions used) so I was concerned that it was not going to work as it should. But I did my best to get every strand of my hair covered.  The smell was not as strong and overwhelming as some other brands.  After applying the dye all over my head I waited 30 mins, the box recommends 20 plus and additional 10 for gray or thicker hair.  It rinsed out pretty easily.  Did not take forever to do so, and the conditioner smelt really good.  Thats always a plus =)

Here is my before
and here is my after
It is a dark brown and I am happy with the color of it.  I have washed my hair twice already and the color is still the same, has not faded yet.  Overall I like this hair dye and I will probably be using it again.

Disclaimer: I recieved the free product coupon for free in exchange for my review, there was no monetary exchange of any sort. Review is 100% my own opinion =)