Sites I use..

Since I have been having a lot of my friends ask my how I am able to get stuff for free I thought I would put it all in one spot to make it easier for you.  The first couple ones are websites that I use to get points to redeem for stuff.  I usually redeem them for an amazon gift card.  They arent a lot all at once.  It takes a little bit of time to get the points but it is a good hobby to get a few extra bucks.  All of the sites are free to sign up for.  You might want to open them in another tab so that you can easily come back to the blog to get the other sites.  Just a thought =)

The first one is Crowd Tap.  On this site, you can earn points by just signing in on a daily basis.  Then you have quick hits, which is just a couple simple questions and you earn points by answering them.  Then you have new actions, This is where you will find a new action for you to participate in.  Most of the time it is a discussion question and sometimes it is an opportunity for a product sample and review.  I have had 2 opportunities offered to me which was a playtex one and an old navy one.  I hope I qualify for those!!  And there is a section called My actions, and that is just a place where everything that you are participating in is kept.  I have been a member of this site for probably a month and have earned $2.  I know it is not a lot but it helps once I let it add up.  Plus you get to help out any charity that you choose.  The one that I choose is Autism Speaks.  So click here if you would like to sign up for it.  I think I probably spend a total of 10 minutes a day one this site.

The next site I go to is BeeZag.  Sounds funny I know.  This site is super easy too.  I spend maybe 5-10 minutes on this site a day.  Basically you watch a couple short ads.  They are about 1-2 minutes long and its just like a commercial.  During the ad you will see 2 numbers scroll across either the top or bottom or sides.  At the end of the video there will be a popup for you to enter the 2 numbers and you get points for that.  Thats it.  I've done this site for maybe a month now and I have over 3,000 points, and once you get to 8,000 you can redeem it also for cash.  Basically each 1,000 points is $1.  If you want to sign up for that site you can go here

The next site that I use is called Swagbucks.  I think a lot of people have heard of this site.  Basically all this is, is a search engine like google, but you get swag bucks for searching.  I use this whenever I do any searches.  I had enough points last year to get some stuff for my kids for Christmas.  Fridays are called Mega Bucks because you get higher points for searches than normal. 

The next couple sites that I use are sites where I can sign up to try free stuff.

The first one is House Party.  I have been a member of this site for almost a year and have been selected to host 3 parties.  I have done a bulls eye barbeque party, a durex party and most recently a pullups party.  Basically you explore through the different parties that they are accepting applications for.  You fill out an application and then you wait to see if you were chosen to host the party.  They send you awesome packages for the party featuring the product that the party is for.  Example for the Barbeque sauce party I did, I got 15 bottles of the sauce plus 15 coupons for my guests to get a free bottle.  Plus they give extra goodies for everyone.  This is a great way to have parties and get free stuff.  Who wouldnt want to do that!!

The next one I do is called BzzAgent.  This site is easy to use as well, you get to earn honeycombs to earn your way up.  The higher up you are the more campaigns that are open to you.  Once you get an invitation for a campaign you sign up for it and then wait for the package.  These packages are also awesome.  I have done a lot of campaigns, I dont know for sure how many. I have done a Tom's of Maine toothpaste, a covergirl one, max factor makeup, glade, just to name a few.  But the most recent one was last month, and I got a bunch of cleaning supplies, (even though I hardly clean haha) but I got Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Glade.  These are not sample sized these are full sized products.  All you do after recieving your package is just do a review.  These are just mainly word of mouth trying to get the products more out there. 

The next couple ones are basically all the same as the above ones so I wont give a description of them but I will give you the links.
 She Speaks

Mommy Parties

Moms Meet

So those are all that I can remember at this time, if I forgot one I will post it.  Hope you all sign up for them so that you can get free stuff too =)