Tostitos Artisan Recipes

As a part of She Speaks I was chosen to try the new Tostitos Artisan Recipe tortilla chips.  These are very different from any other chip I have ever tried, but in a good way.  I was mailed a coupon to try these chips for free.  So I used my coupon to get the Roasted Garlic & black Bean flavored bag.  They taste just like the name.  I was able to tell the black bean flavor the moment I took a bite.  These are definately good chips.  We had our sons birthday party over the weekend and I had these chips out for the guests to try as well.  I do not have any left, thats how good they are.  I will definately be buying these again and I can not wait to try the Fire Roasted Chipotle flavored tortilla chips from this line of products.