I am so excited!  I was given the opportunity to host a party Thursday, March 3rd, for my mom friends featuring Nutella.  Thanks to Mommy Parties my guests were excited to be able to recieve guests bags filled with goodies from Nutella.  Each mom was given a sample of Nutella, a bio-degradable tumbler (super awesome!!) 3 recipe cards, a Nutella spreader, a coupon, (who does not want to save money) and information on Nutella.  I have never tried Nutella before until now and I was not even sure what it was and what was in it.  After being unfamilar with the product I was reluctant to buy it because I was unsure if it would go to waste.  So when I got the box of goodies delivered I could not wait to open it up and try it.  So I made a piece of toast and spread some Nutella on it and oh my gosh it was yummy!  Now my kids ask for some too and so I gave them each a spoonful and all three of them enjoyed it.  Every morning they ask for toast with the "chocolate peanut butter" on it for breakfast.  They actually eat breakfast now.  So it looks like I will be buying this product in the future.  I'm sure that my mom friends will be too. We had a couple moms who were not be able to make it to the party and the ones that were there wanted the extra goodie bags, but I decided to give them to the moms who could not make it.   Thank you Mommy Parties for the opportunity to host this party.