Surrounded by Testosterone

I am the only pink in the house of blue.  So that means there is a whole lot of testosterone.  Everything we do turns into a wrestling match for my boys.  We go kite flying and it turns into wrestling between John and Evan.  Picture taking turns into wrestling with all 3 of them.  Even on car rides they try fighting each other, but luckily they are strapped in and can not reach each other except Elishah who sits in the middle of John and Evan.  At home, Evan puts John in a head lock.  Elishah smacks John.  Its never ending.  It gets so frustrating playing referee all the time to make sure they arent hurting each other for real.  But I feel it is also a good thing because it helps them form a bond with each other.  It brings them closer together as brothers.  It is a way for them to show love for each other.  So as much as I can't stand the fighting and wrestling, (my husband has to remind me a lot that they are boys) I let them do it a lot to strengthen there bonds, but boy oh boy, I need a girl day!