On my own

I am on my own with 3 boys.  3 boys under the age of 6.  3 boys under the age of 6 for the whole weekend.  My husband and his family are in Key west to spread the ashes of his grandfather.  Kinda sucks that I am unable to go and am stuck at home with the kids with no kind of break.  I want to be there for my husband and be the supportive wife to him.  I guess in a different way than I thought I am being supportive because it is allowing him to be able to be with his family without having to worry about where the kids are and having to stress out about them behaving and stuff like that.  It is hard though that I am alone with the kids.  Yeah they are mine and I should be enjoying this time but being a stay at home mom I dont get any breaks during the day and I just get drained.  I have made myself stop expecting it to be so stressful and today actually went pretty well.  I am expecting tomorrow to go well too.  If I go into the day feeling like its gonna be a crappy day then well it is but if I expect it to be fun and go good then thats what will happen.