I dont want to do it

Im kinda behind on my reading.  I have been alone with the kids all weekend and havent had a free moment to even use the bathroom let alone read 5-10 chapters of the bible a day.  Here it is almost 8pm and I havent done my reading for the day.  I find it kinda funny that I can read a 200+ page book in just a week but am having a hard time reading a few chapters of the bible.  I just am really struggling with reading on a daily basis.  But the good part is, is that I am not giving up and even if I only get through just a few chapters a day at least I am still reading it.  This is one journey that I will not give up on. It might take me a bit more than 90 days to do this but thats ok with me as long as I get this done.  Well I'm signing off now so that I can get my reading done without the distractions of the computer.