Body Marinade Hand sanitizer

I am a fan of Body Marinade on Facebook.  I don't know how I found the site but Im glad I did.  They were holding a contest to choose a random product tester of a 2oz Hand sanitizer and I got chosen.  I recieved my hand sanitizer about a week ago and have tried it everyday since.  The flavor I was given was almond.  While Im not of fan of the scent almond, it smells pretty good.  I have tried the other scented hand sanitizers from the grocery stores and they still always have the alcohol smell to it and dry my hands out and I don't like that and as a result I don't use them as much, but the Body Marinade sanitizer does not.  It smells pretty good, can't smell the alcohol at all.  After using this for a week now my hands aren't dry at all. They actually feel like they are mosturized which is awesome. My birthday is coming up in a few months and I think I'm gonna request some more products from Body Marinade as gifts, as well as give my family members gifts from there.  They arent expensive at all. 

Body Marinade