Bible in 90 days

So I keep finding things for me to try to accomplish and I keep failing at them. Here's something new that I found. This is something I would really love to finish. I have been a Christian since I was like 16 but have never read the bible cover to cover. Or even on a regular basis. I found a link on one of my facebook pages for a group called Bible in 90 days. So I signed up. I really like that there are groups to help hold me accountable. That is what I need to actually finish something. I have already done 2 days of reading. It is a lot of reading too. Only 2 days into this and I finished genesis 28. That's farther than I have ever read!! And I'm not reading this just to say I read the bible in 90 days but I am reading it so that I can learn more about God and all the wonderful things he has done. I have to say at first it is a little hard because there's a lot of this person begat this person who begat this person and so forth. But that information is important. I would love to see or do a family tree like thing to see the generations and the history. It would be amazing. And I know that if my kids see me reading the bible on a daily basis it will be an example for them to be able to do the same. This journey could be a great one for my family. There is a bible that I would love to get so that I can just read with that. I just might get it for myself :)


  1. You are correct that some of the who begat whom stuff can be hard to read but there are so so many gems that are in there. Keep at it and keep blogging.

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  2. I agree with your post! The names are what get me! I find myself tempted to skim over them but then I'd miss a few belly-laughs, for sure! Hang in there! We're pushing through with you!


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