Stalking Santa

I dislike going to the mall during the holidays.  Not because of all the crowds and shoppers.  But because Santa is there.  Dont get me wrong I love santa and all.  John and I used to work with santa at the mall so we get to tell the kids we know santa.  After having kids we stopped working with santa but our kids love to visit him.  So we usually go to visit 2-3 times a week.  I feel goofy doing so, so often.  I feel like we are stalking santa by coming so much.  I know they dont mind, and we know the workers that work there too so I chat with them but it still feels weird.  Its not like the kids actually sit with santa or anything.  We get through the gate and they start clinging to my legs and taking baby steps or Im dragging them up there so it appears that I am the one that wants to go up there everyday.  In fact it is the children that ask mulitple times during the days, Lets go see santa, I wanna see santa.  So I give in and they refuse when we get there lol.  This is the normal pic I usually get when we do go.