A little about me

I figured I would make this blog a little more personal besides product reviews.  So I will tell a little about me.  I am a stay at home mom.  I will celebrate my 6 yr anniversary to my best friend in January.  We have 3 very handsome and active boys, John is 5 and he started kindergarten this year and is doing amazing in it.  Just found out yesterday that he has been playing the violin every week at school and has a holiday musical next week.  He said he wanted it to be a surprise and he sure did surprise us.  Evan is my 3 yr old.  He started speech therapy in sept and is now able to talk and be understood a lot more.  There still is a lot of progress to be done but I am amazed at how well he is doing in just a few months.  He loves going to school there 2.  We tell him he is going to school but its just for 30 mins 2 times a week.  Hey, at least he is getting excited about going.  Elishah is my baby.  He is 2.  He just loves making everyone laugh and he is so joyful.  He is so loving and is always giving me kisses and coming up to me just to say I love you mommy.  Sure does melt my heart.  I love staying home with them and wouldnt trade it for anything.  Im always looking for things for them to do and try.  Anyways, I will try to update on a regular basis.  God bless!!