Days 3&4

Well days 3&4 were successful. I had no soda at all. I was so proud of it. We were out and about and I didn't stop to get one at all. I did buy a water. And I bought one of those aluminum water bottles so that I can use that on a daily basis. Hoping that helps a lot with my goal. So if I'm focused more on drinking more water then I will think less about drinking soda. I really feel good about accomplishing this. A little review on this water bottle. I like the water bottle a lot. It keeps my water cold for about 2 hrs. Longer if I put ice in it. It came with a clip so it is easy to attach to my diaper bag or stroller or whatever I want. The bottle I got holds 28 ounces so my goal is to drink 2 of those a day at least.