Cambells Select Harvest

As a memeber of the SheSpeaks website I was given 3 coupons for free soup for me and 3 coupons to pass forward to friends.  I love to eat soup for lunch.  It is quick and easy to do.  The 3 flavors that I tried (in the microwavable bowl with 3 kids one less dish makes my day) are the Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla,   the Light Vegetable & pasta bowl, and Italian Style Wedding.  Of those three my favorite is the Mexican Stlye Chicken Toritilla.    I love how they are natural and have less calories than most other soups I usually eat.  I will definately be switching my soups to the select harvest soups.  I also like the ease of the microwavable bowls.  I don't have to dirty up a bowl which makes life a little simpler.  Hey its the simple things in life that amuse me.