30 days No Soda

I have just made a pack, well, with myself, hehe.  I will drink no soda for 30 days.  I have been so used to drinking a can or 20 ounce once a day for so long now I want to stop.  It has been a part of the reason I havent been able to lose weight.  There are so many negative things about soda that I just dont want a part of it anymore.  So I have decided that for 30 days I will not drink soda.  I know that this will be hard and I pray that I dont fail at it.  I really think I can do this and I need to do it for my children.  We are trying to teach our children to eat and drink healthy and how am I a good example if im chugging soda with me everywhere.  Im not that good of an example.  My children even tell me "No soda mommy"  So now I can be that example and accomplish this.  I have tried to stop in the past without success and without accountability.  I will succeed.  It will be hard but I can and will do this.