Toy Story 3 Action Links and Buddy packs

I was chosen to host a party featuring the Toy Story 3 Action Links and Buddy Packs.  I was given 5 of the stunt sets and 10 buddy packs.  My kids and there friends absolutely loved it.  They play with these for hours.  I love how they can be put together to form one big stunt set or they can be individually played with.  The buddy packs have 2 cute characters in them.  The sets are cute and durable.  I have 3 boys 5 and under in age so durability is important in toys.  I like how it is the same scenes as in the movie so they boys can recreate the scenes or use their imagination and make up new scenes.  Great toys.  My sons guests were excited to be able to take home 2 buddy packs each so they can have fun with the characters.  Now there friends want to come over all the time to play with the action links.  Thanks Moms Meet for giving me the opportunity to host this.