My husband and I started a new business.  Everyone wants to be healthy.  Everyone wants to make money.  Why not do both at the same time!!  It is a company called Qivana.  It has products to enhance your life, your health.  The products are used to stablize, vitalize and optimize your health.   It includes probiotics, which everyone needs to maintain a healthy intestine, a detox product, which takes out all the metals that are in your body that dont belong and it is super easy compared to going to the doctor and and have a dangerous procedure including getting an iv put in to detox.  There is a meteboliq system which includes a yummy chocolate or vanilla shake.  I personally have tried these and they are delicious..I was surprised and they have chocolate bars and those dont taste bad like some of the others.  These things are awesome and surpisingly filling.  There are other products but those are just a few that I like.  This also has the opportunity to make you money if you want.  So feel free to check it out and dont forget to sign up for the free sample.