Kodak EasyShare Z740 digital camera

I was given the Kodak EasyShare Z740 digital camera when I needed one for my kids.  This is a great camera.  I havent had any problems with it.  It takes awesome pictures of my very active kids.  I was able to capture images pretty quickly and without blurryness.  I like that it has the 10x zoom.  The quality of the pictures were pretty good.  It is kinda bulky but it has a place for you to grip to get better control of the camera to reduce some shakiness.  It is a battery eater if you dont have the right batteries in there.  When in a crunch I used basic energizer AA, but I usually used the lithium and they seemed to last a lot longer in the camera.  I usually always keep extra batteries just in case.  I like how it has the EasyShare button to have it sent to your email.  Great idea.