Kitty Caps

When we bought our kitten we decided not to get her declawed..Instead we looked for caps to put on her nails to stop her from scratching the kids and our furniture.  We found Kitty Caps at Petsmart and we bought them.  Shes a girl cat so I got her the pink and purple caps.  These were really simple to apply to her nails.  It does take 2 people to apply them, one person holds and the other applies the caps.  But other than that its super simple.  We put them  on the front paws only.  And now my kids like playing with her without the worry of being scratched up.  My husband and I came to the conclusion that it also calmed her down a little.  I love how it looks like we painted her nails.  She hasnt tried biting them off or anything.  We applied the 1st set a few weeks ago and they havent fallen off yet.  The packages come with 40 caps so thats 4 applications so one package could last a long time.  I think this is a great alternative to declawing cats.