Comprehensive Curriculum

We got the Comprehensive Curriculum  of basic Skills for Kindergarten for our son for christmas a few years ago but he was 2 or 3 and was a little young to do this.  When he started pre-k I started working on the workbook with him to help re-enforce what the teachers are teaching.  Then when school ended I didnt want him to lose everything he had learned so we are working on the workbook everyday more consistently and he loves doing it.  He is enjoying learning and showing me that he already knows this stuff.  This is a great book to help teach the kids during spring, winter and summer breaks or just for some extra learning.  I dont tear out the pages even though it has the preferated edges to be pulled out, I keep all the pages in there so I can see how much progress he has made from day one to current day.  I will definately be buying another one for each of my other 2 boys.  I will also be buying the workbooks for each grade that he is in.