Canon PowerShot SX120

After the flash stopped working my my other camera I have been looking for a new camera.  I did a lot of research on what I wanted in a camera and read other reviews and I found the Canon PowerShot SX120.  I have had it about a month now and I absolutely have no regrets buying this camera.  I love the quality of the pictures that it takes.  They are so crisp looking.  I can zoom in pretty far and still get a good quality non blurry picture which is good because I like to zoom in on random objects to take picures.  I love how it has a image stabilazation to keep the picture from getting blury from your hand shaking.  That is a great add on to the camera.  I have been using energizer lithium batteries and have only had to change the batteries once.  Which is a good thing because like any mom I take a bunch of pictures of my boys.  The shutter speed is pretty good too, I click it and there isnt any delay, it takes the picture right then.  With kids that is an important feature because they move a lot.  I think this camera is definately worth the money and I would buy it again if i needed a new camera.