Getting Crafty!

Well, I am on my 3rd week of my Social Summer Blogging Challenge and this weeks post is about being crafty.  Now, I know that everyone has Pinterest and you are all inspired to do something crafty.  Whether they are Pinterest Fails or not, you got crafty and I want to see everyones craftiness.  The craft that I did, I'm sure is online somewhere, but I wasn't inspired to do it from that.  I came up with my own idea. 

 Since we were making a cross country move from Florida to Michigan, I wanted to do something fun with my kids.  In each state we passed through I had my kids each grab some dirt.  Then when we finally reached our destination, I put it all in a decorative bottle with some colored ribbon.  It is such a beautifully simple project that has lots of memories.  

The dirt are from the following states going from the bottom to the top:

North Carolina

What is your favorite craft project that you have done?