Hometown Tourist Challenge

Have you ever just wanted to just drive away to find somewhere new to explore?  You don't have to go far.  You could be a Hometown Tourist.  There are so many places in your own cities to explore that you probably didn't know existed.  This summer, I challenge all of my readers to be a tourist in your own hometown.  Get in the car and find a new local place to eat, shop, and explore.  It could be a park, a lake, a museum.  Just get up and go!

This challenge is kinda easy for me at this time.  We recently moved from Florida to Michigan. ( I know, let me hear it…..WHY????)  My husband got a job promotion which made us relocate cross country, so we are literally exploring new places to shop, eat, and play.

While driving around, ok, getting lost, we found an amazing library that is huge.  My kids spent hours there just reading the books.  We have found local restaurants that are just as good as big chain places.

We, just yesterday found a free park that offers a ton of nature paths, creeks, and a splash pad for the kids.  We spent all day there!  It is literally within 10 minutes of our home and had I not searched for parks, I would not of found it.

Find beautiful, nature filled hiking paths.

Look for creeks with fish in it to enjoy the peacefulness.

So, now it is your turn!  Tell me one place that you recently found in your hometown that you did not know was there.  What is the best place for you to go to in your city?