All Groan Up

(Disclosure:  I received this book in order to facilitate my review.  All opinions shared are my own.)

You've graduated high school.  Finished getting your college degree.  Now what?  What are you supposed to do now that you are an "adult"?  In the book  All Groan Up, Paul Angone talks about his journey into adulthood.  He opens up about his own personal experiences and how he has become the person he has.  There were some hilarious parts to this book, and some parts of this book, I felt like he was describing my life.  This book would be a good gift to give someone in college or going to college.

About this book:

This is the honest and hilarious story of author Paul Angone as he emerges into the unknowns of adulthood.  Angone writes about life's biggest transition with humor and hope, wit and wisdom,  snark and sarcasm, all with complete and utter transparency about the most defining decade of our lives.
Come on, how hard can it be?  It's a question millions of students are asking themselves right now, thinking about life after college.  When will life feel like it's supposed to?  It's a question millions of graduates are asking themselves right now, thinking about life after college.  You're not alone in this twenty-something struggle, quips author Paul Angone.  All Groan Up is for college students who are great at pinpointing what they don't want to do, and for college grads who are struggling with pinpointing who they want to be-as thoughts of changing the world take a back seat to the reality of making a living and moving out of their parents basement.  This juicy, brilliant, and candid story of Paul's own journey into adulthood to find the secret to the ever so coveted purposeful and impassioned life-or just a job that pays-is eloquently penned and hilariously relatable.  When adulthood goes awry, when goals have gone astray, when handy life plans have gone up in flames, All Groan Up is a must read for twenty somethings and their parents and loved ones.