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(Disclosure:  I received the movie Unstoppable thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC.  All opinions shared are my own and were not persuaded in anyway.)

 I was really excited when the opportunity arose for me to review UNSTOPPABLE.  This was a movie I really wanted to add to our family movie collection.  This movie started out with Kirk talking about his friend who passed away from cancer.  Everyone was asking, "Why does God let bad things happen?"   Then it goes on talking about a few of the good and bad stories of the bible:  Adam and Eve vs The Serpent and Cain vs Abel.  This film is mostly Kirk doing the talking and when he is talking you can see how much passion he has. While he is talking about the stories, it actually goes to a visual to help you see what the Bible is saying.  Some of the scenes made me think, that was a little weird, but that's the way it works.  One person can see something one way and someone else can vision something else but it is the same thing.
This movie I could watch with my older son, I think he would get it and understand it, but it's too old for my younger two.

Check out the trailer:

About the movie:
 Inspired by the death of Cameron's close friend who succumbed to cancer at the age of 15, Kirk Cameron takes viewers on an inspiring and hope-filled visual journey to better understand the biggest doubt-raising question in faith: "Where is God in the midst of tragedy and suffering?"  Going back to the beginning-literally-Kirk investigates the origins of good and evil and how they impact out lives…and our eternities.  UNSTOPPABLE will prompt audience to consider the role that pain and suffering has in out lives, as they affirm their personal views on faith, and encourage conversation starters about God, suffering and hope.
In theaters for only two weeknights (Sept. 24th and Oct. 3rd, 2013) UNSTOPPABLE: A Live Event with Kirk Cameron sold a staggering 260,000 tickets and reached a theatrical gross of over $3.2 million dollars.  In just two nights this independent project send a loud message-audiences want thought-provoking and meaningful entertainment.
Kirk Cameron is best known for his memorable role as "Mike Seaver," a cultural icon of the 80's, with his mullet hairstyle, cool glasses, an wisecracking comebacks.  More recently he enjoyed much success with the No. 1 grossing inspiration film of 2008, Fireproof and his recent documentary, Monumental.  Kirk and his wife, Chelsea, were on-screen sweethearts during their Growing Pains years and are the founders of Camp Firefly.  Together, Kirk and Chelsea live in California with their six children.


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