Let's Boogie

(Disclosure:  I received various Boogie Wipe and Kandoo products by being part of the Saline Ambassador Program.  All opinions shared are my own.)

The products I received for being a Saline Ambassador.

 With back to school approaching, not only does it mean new friends, homework, and recess, it also means all those new germs and back to school colds and flu.  Usually within a month of school starting at least one of my boys gets sick.  My boys love using Boogie Wipes when they are sick.  These make it so much easier to wipe their noses because they have natural saline in them and since they are wet, they are not rough to use.  My kids love the grape scented Boogie Wipes.  I like the fresh scented ones.  They have a menthol scented one that works really good when it comes to having a really bad stuffy nose.  We always have these available that way if anyone ever needs a tissue or something, we can hand them a wipe.

Boogie Wipes products comes in a variety of scents and sizes. 

There are the 90 count tubs, which come in Fresh, Grape and Unscented.  These usually retail for $8.99.  I usually give one of these tubs to the teachers on the first day of school instead of tissues.  Teachers are usually asking for more within a month.

There have the 45 count, which comes in Fresh and Grape.  These retail for around $4.99.  These are convenient to carry in a purse or diaper bag or keep in the glove box in the car.

There is the 30 count packs, that come in Fresh, Grape, Menthol, and Unscented.  These retail for $3.99.

They have a 10 count pack which comes in Fresh and Grape.  These go for $1.59.  I have yet to find these but I think they would also be great in my purse.

They have also made some new products like Boogie Blasters and Boogie Mist.  I can't wait to try these out.

So, what about you?  Have you used Boogie Wipes before or are you a tissue person?