Are you looking for Natural Body Care for your children?  Get the reassurance that you are not putting a bunch of chemicals on your kids while trying to get them clean.  TruKid has that reassurance.  They have natural body products that have fun names and bright colored bottles to appeal to the kids.  Names like Silly Shampoo,  Happy Face and Body Lotion, Bubbly Body Wash, Dancing Detangler, and more.  They also have Sunny Days SPF 30 sunscreen to protect your precious kids little bodies.  I have personally used the Silly Shampoo and the Happy Face and Body Lotion on my kids and they loved it.  They thought it was fun to use happy lotion and when I applied the silly shampoo they would get silly.  The scents on these are great.  I loved cuddling my boys and sniffing them up after bath.  

What are you waiting for?  Check them out for yourself

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