Coppertone Water Mom

Living in Florida, it should be mandatory to have sunscreen on all the time.  This state is sunny just about all year long.  You can get a sunburn in the middle of winter.  Insane.  But that is why it is super important to use safety measures like keeping hydrated and using sunscreen.  Being a Coppertone Mom, is great.  In the beginning of the summer,  I was sent a box full of Coppertone Sunscreen for my family and plenty of samples to share with other moms.  I gave a bunch of the samples to my son's prek class when they were doing a lesson on sun safety.  This program has helped me spread the awareness of sun safety with other moms.  So many times I took my kids to the neighborhood pool and I would see these kids who were getting burnt and since I kept all my samples in my beach/pool bag, I would share it with the moms.  At the end of the summer I was sent the amazing package as a thanks for being a Coppertone Mom.  It included all the products in the picture above.  I love using my Coppertone Insulated bag when I go grocery shopping to keep my cold foods cold on the way home from the store.  The sample is just about gone because it is still very hot here.   I love being a Coppertone Mom and am super glad that I am a part of this program!