Happy Birthday Build A Bear!!

Build A Bear has just reached not 1, but 2 special milestones!  Did you know that 15 years ago Build A Bear opened their first doors in St. Louis Galleria?  I did not know that. Since that day it has grown to become a global brand while being recognized as a company with heart. Happy Birthday to them!!  The second special milestone is an awesome one.  They just sold their 100 millionth bear.  Now, if you ask me that is a whole lot of bears!  Congratulations to them.  Do you happen to have one of there 100 million bears?  Unfortunately, we do not.  My kids have asked and begged for us to take them to Build A Bear.  We have not had the finances to do so but we will in the future.  Until then my kids have there own bears we got from the local store so that they have something soft for them to sleep with.  They like having their own friends to sleep with and play with.  It is like a security blanket for them and they cannot wait to have a bear from Build A Bear that they can dress up and make it their own.  Having that special furry friend really helps them out.  It gives them comfort when they need it.  I think that is important for them.  Having friends count.  It might be a furry stuffed friend that can always be there for your child or a real person who is a friend to them and laughs with them and builds them up as a person. 

(Disclaimer: this post was written in exchange for the chance to win a Build a Bear gift card from MomSelect and Build a Bear.  All opinions are my own.)