That does not belong here

You would think that by now I would learn to check the pockets of everyone's clothes before washing them.  Shortly after getting married I washed my husbands cell phone and once there was a piece of gum in one of his shirt pockets.  That was fun trying to get out of the clothes.  Now that I have three boys as well, I have washed quite a few odd things.  Things that should not be in the washer.  Things that included but are not limited to, legos, shells, action figures, cars, stickers, pens,  pullups (that was an interesting clean up experience), a calculator, a marker and a crayon. (That was a load of school uniforms that were permanately ruined).  Recently just yesterday I pulled out some silly putty from the washing machine.  It is amazing all the little things that somehow get tossed into the laundry clothes hamper and somehow missed before making it to the washing machine.  So, someone tell me that I am not the only one who has washed stuff that should not be washed.  What are some of the weirdest things that you have washed?