SodaStream Review

Buying soda all the time can really add up. Especially with prices continuing to go up.  I had seen a commercial for the SodaStream machine and I thought it would be very interesting to try, so when the oppoturnity arose for me to review it, I jumped on it.  When my husband called me to tell me that my SodaStream had arrived I was very excited to get home and make my first bottle of soda.  First, I had to set it up.  That part was really simple, all you have to do it attatch the carbonator bottle.  Thats it.  Then the fun part of filling up the bottle and adding the carbonation.  All you have to do is screw the bottle into the machine.  Then push the button on top a couple of times to carbonate the water.  My kids love that part.  They like watching the bubbles go into the bottle.  The quality of the bottle itself is great.  It is nice and hard compared to the normal soda bottles you buy in the store.  After carbonating the water, you add the flavor using the cap, and slowly pouring it in.  Do not pour it fast otherwise it will bubble up and overflow.  (unfortuanately I learned that from experience).  The whole process of making your own liter of soda takes a maximum of 5 minutes, if that. 

SodaStream offers over 30 flavors. They have regular flavors that include, Cola, Rootbeer, Dr Pete, Fountain Mist and a lot more.  I have tried the Cola and the Root Beer.  They taste exactly like the name brand sodas you find in the store.  I was a little hesistent at first because I was not sure if it would taste the same but was very please to know that it does.   They have Diet Flavors like Diet Cola, Diet Lemon Lime, Diet Orange and plenty more options for those who prefer the diet drinks.  I tried the Diet Lemon Lime.  It taste just like diet sprite.  They also have Energy Drinks, Flavored Water, Sparkling Water, Sparkling Naturals, and Teas.  Something for everyones taste buds. 

You can purchase your own soda stream at a few different places found here.  Some places include, Target, Kohls, Staples, etc.

(Disclaimer:  I received the SodaStream and flavors in return for my review.  All opinions are that of my own and were not persuaded in any way)