Prospecs Shoes Review

I applied to recieve a pair of Propecs shoes to try for free in return for my review.  I was eventually chosen to do so and I was excited to try these shoes on.  When UPS showed up at my door with my box I was excited to open up my box and try them out immediately.  The shoes that I was given were purple.  Not a color I would normally choose but hey, they were free!  I was going to go to the gym that night so I decided I would wear my new Prospecs and see how they did with my 2 mile treadmil walk.  My feet normally are tired after my walk but with the prospecs they were not hurting.  I was ready for more walking.  So I continued wearing these shoes everywhere I went to further test them out for the next week.  These shoes are pretty comfortable.  They fit me pretty well.  These shoes are currently available only in Korea but they are working their way to the USA.  I can not wait til they do because I will definately get another pair for me and for my hubby.

What makes these shoes different from other shoes you might ask. 
 Well the main function for the shoes are Enhanced exercise effect.  They acheive this by having 32 frame bars featuring advanced ergonomics technologies for various walking styles.
Move frame structure applied for motion control and proper stepping and correct striding
and Maximize exercise effect through increasing walking speed by quick shift of weight balance

These shoes are good for those who want enhanced exercise effect through faster walking speed and proper stepping and correct striding.

These are very good shoes, probably the best pair of walking shoes I have tried and I would definately recommend them to anyone once they hit the US.