Tide Stain Release

Tide was having a giveaway on their Facebook page in return for a review so I signed up.  They sent me a 10 count sample bag of the Tide Stain Release Duo Pac to try out in my laundry.  As you might now I have 3 young children so needless to say the white clothes do not stay white long after getting them.  So after recieving this product I immediately put it to work.  I wanted to try it out on the white clothes first.  So I grabbed white towels, socks, underwear, tshirts and polo shirts.  All white.  I added my laundry detergent and then my clothes and then put a Duo Pac on top of the load of clothes as instructed on the package.  After the washer was done I was amazed at how white the clothes turned out.  I was definately impressed by this product and will absolutely be purchasing this product once I am done with this sample pack.