Bounce Dryer Bar

I went out and bought the dryer bar a while back after seeing the commercial. At first, I didnt like it, after the first load I found chunks of the bar throughout my clothes, so I just assumed it didnt work. After watching a video saying not to put it in the back of the dryer but to actually put it on the part that spins, I decided to try again..I guess I was a dummy to put it on the back of the dryer because when I put it in there correctly it works fabulously. I love it. I like the fact that I dont have to remember to put in a dryer sheet everytime and I dont have to search the clothes for the dryer sheet. We have all gone somewhere at least once with a dryer sheet on the inside of our clothes somewhere =-) I love how it makes the clothes smell good and fresh. I would recommend this product to everyone. (just be sure to place it properly lol).